Dog Strangling Vine – A Plant to Kill

by Veronica on May 6, 2010

Dog Strangling Vine - a real thug

I feel like ranting.

I hate this plant.

I first encountered this vigorous vine a few years ago growing in a wooded area in a previous property we owned. There was tons of it. I had no idea what it was.

I have since found out it is called “Dog Strangling Vine (Cynanchum rossicum), though it is  harmless to dogs.  It gets  its name from its Latin species name, cynancho which is Greek for dog.

This is one  invasive thug of a plant  and grows anywhere happily. Once established it chokes everything out.  Unfortunately, it is trying to find a home on my new property. Everywhere I look the bloody thing is there.

It’s tough to get rid of. The roots are short, numerous and pulling the plant out just breaks the roots off causing the plant to spread like the crazy. They (the so-called weed experts at Agriculture Canada) say the  best way to get rid of DVS is to dig it up and keep on digging and digging until you weaken the roots so much that the pesky plant succumbs.

See the little ugly brown flowers?

And, do not let the plant go to seed after it flowers (they are ugly anyway) in June. It seeds itself with great abandon.

So  my newest hobby involves killing plants…

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