Loblaw’s – A Sneak Preview

by Veronica on May 10, 2010

Positively Perfect Plant Preview

Every year Loblaw’s hosts a sneak preview of their Lawn and Garden products for the media. This year we visited 2 of their top suppliers, Linwell Gardens for annuals and Freeman Herbs for herbs, of course.

Both these growers are family run businesses who take pride in their operation. The proof is in the quality of the plants. The greenhouses are immaculate. The nursery stock is superb. These growers are the reason that Loblaw’s continues to set itself apart from other “box” stores who market garden products.

Acres of Floral Heaven

I used to be a petunia snob. Translate…not in my garden please! I thought them to be common and old fashioned. I’ve changed my mind. I love the riot of colour that can be counted on for the whole growing season and I love their fragrance, especially in the evening. At Linwell there was a fire engine red one that would perfectly match my front door. I have to have it.

Bedding Plants at Linwell Gardens

The lime green in the photo are President’s Choice Gigantico Ipomea Sweet Georgia. We were assured that this variety is unlike other Sweet Potato Vines. This one behaves itself in a planter unlike most other varieties which tend to be thugs and take over.

I think this honey of a plant would make a great companion for my fire engine red petunias. It’s on my must-have list.

Water, Water Everywhere

Water Garden

I was impressed with what I think is a unique niche product that is going to do very well for Loblaw’s this year. Frank Ferragine introduced a little water garden in a 16-inch container. It held a water lily, two marginal plantsĀ  and an oxygenator plant.

So, cute and perfect for small spaces.

The only thing left to add is a goldfish. Accessorize with a kid. Kids love water and goldfish.

Chef’s Choice

Herbs de Provence

Growing your own food is gaining momentum these days and is the largest growing segment of the gardening market. You don’t need acreage to do it either. Loblaw’s featured themed herb pots grown by Freeman Herbs that make it easy for culinary adventurers.

I love making a nice French Pistou soup. The idea of being able to snip a few fresh Herbs de Provence is irresistible .

Other themes such as Asian and Mediterranean combos make it easy to experiment.

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