I’m Back…with a new garden!

Life has been hectic these last few months. In late July I moved to a new house (well, new to me. It’s 32 years old). I’m excited about the promise and anticipation of developing a new garden.  A couple of weeks after the move it was off to Hong Kong and Borneo, and shortly after [...]

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Garden Column Memorial

I once wrote a column for a local newspaper, Oshawa/Whitby This Week …for over 25 years. A couple of years ago, the editor told me that people were not interested in gardening anymore!! What do you say to that? Not much.  I’ve missed my column and I know my readers have missed me. I don’t [...]

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I borrowed my title from Fernlea Flowers, my favourite grower of pansies. I think it’s an apt noun to describe the state we pansy lovers get into when these plant confections start showing up at the garden centres. There just isn’t a more cheerful flower on the planet. When I was a kid and my [...]

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Parkwood Estates, The Jewel of Oshawa

Through massive iron gates, you enter the grounds of Oshawa’s Parkwood Estates onto a circular driveway. As you would expect, the mansion, once the home of auto baron Sam McLaughlin (founder of General Motors of Canada), is grand and imposing. While the mansion itself holds great interest for historians, it’s a look at the gardens [...]

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Sevierville, Theme Park Botanical Heaven

Where’s that you say? It’s theme park central and its located in Tennessee a few miles outside the Smoky Mountains National Park. This place is loaded with tourist attractions. Sevierville’s main claim to fame is Dolly Parton, the world famous country singing artist who was born nearby. Everything here is about Dolly…Dollywood and the Dixie [...]

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First Flush of Colour

Lucky in love, but not in bulbs I’m afraid. It seems that my garden is a veritable buffet for squirrels and chipmunks who dig up every bulb I plant. The bulbs rarely bloom for more than two years in a row.  The cute, but annoying little rodents aren’t supposed to like daffodils, but [...]

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Count Down to Spring

It finally feels like spring…well that’s what I wanted to write, but right now in the Toronto area, it is -1 celsius and there’s a little snow on the ground. What happened to the sun’s gentle warmth  awakening the earth and all that stuff? I guess I’ll have to wait just a little bit [...]

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And the Angels Sing

At least I hope they’re going to sing for me. Angel’s trumpet that is. I first encountered Brugmansia, the botanical name for  Angel’s Trumpet, about 17 years ago while on a birding holiday in Ecuador. We were coming out of the jungle into a clearing and were nearly knocked over by a gorgeous perfume just [...]

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Risking an Orchid Obsession

This past Sunday after organizing and executing a regional garden writers meeting at Canada Blooms in Toronto, I was too pooped to pucker as they say. With little energy or ability to offer any resistance, I agreed to accompany the Mr. to our local Home Depot. He needed some kind of thingy to repair the [...]

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Parsley in March

Another day at Canada Blooms yesterday inspired me to get out into the garden and see what was happening. Not much. The man of the house felt the need to clean out bird feeders and then get handy with the rake cleaning up winter debris. This caused a bit of domestic conflict since he’s a [...]

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